Where should I start with SEO? 

Figuring out where to start with SEO is a vital factor in what will make or break your website. The first thing you should think about is who is your website builder. I will focus on WordPress in this post, but if you have someone else be sure to target information based on that. WordPress offers two great options – Yoast and All In One SEO. Yoast has been known to be the more popular option so I will focus on this for the article. Yoast allows you to format your meta description, url slug, key word phrase, and etc by showing you a snippet that can be edited. Say you want a key phrase for your bakery in Asheville, NC. Asheville Bakery may be your keyword, but obviously do your research. Then your website might be ashebakeshop.com. Yoast will allow you to edit what Google indexes for you. Example snippet may show –


“Asheville Bakery | Ashe Bake Shop

Your description here for Asheville Bakery. Voted number 1 in bakery shops in North Carolina. Blah Blah Blah.” 

Focus on Key Phrases

This is honestly just the beginning. Each page you create will need to be centered around certain keyword phrases. It is not a good idea to link all your material to one page. This can build inconsistency across your site and the Google bots are very smart. They will penalize your website standings. Now that you have a keyword in mind you should probably think about media for your page. Alt images play a big role in keeping your page relevant. Post pictures related to your material, but don’t think you are going to outsmart Google. Alt images with different titles that don’t support the image could deem you unreliable to Google and other search engines. Post product pictures on product pages and maybe personable pictures on the about page. 

Practice Makes Perfect

There is so much to learn with SEO, but you can get the basics with some time. The main advice I would give someone looking to manage SEO on their own is to just keep practicing and start planning before executing.

I would also recommend tearing down the bones of your website every 2-3 years and starting over. This sounds crazy, but technology changed and it’s the best way to keep your website up to speed.

Obviously, I have only touched the tip of what SEO looks like. Practice with Yoast if you’re looking to get into it, and then keep learning. Don’t get discouraged if you’re not on page one, people pay BIG bucks to get there and it takes a LONG time. However, your website can get there with a good strategy and a good SEO foundation. There will be more posts coming soon as I myself uncover new ways to keep up to date. 


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