What Makes a Good Website?

What makes a good website? A page full of bright colors and lots of images? Black and white text so it is easy to read on desktop and mobile? Lots of links to be able to get your readers to where they want to go? There are millions of Google searches on how to make a good website and honestly too many options to click through. Things change constantly and it is important to stay in the now. 


The ultimate advice I give my clients is to keep it relevant. You want to build a website with intention. Study the successful competitors and see what they are doing right. Headings should support your keywords, you should use supporting sub headings, paragraph texts should be precise and to the point also supporting keywords, images should not be overbearing but well placed, links should be consistent with the flow of the page. These are just some of the guidelines to a sleek and aesthetic website.


If you struggle with time or the ability to design, consider hiring a third party to help. Your website does not have to suck! It is too much sometimes for you to juggle everything your business has to throw at you, and it will ultimately be worth it to let someone else create the beautiful foundation that is web design.

Make an Impression

Take control of your first point of contact and usually first impression of your business. WebTrusive can serve as a guide and partner to help reach your website design potential. All it takes is a few clicks to get started. Don’t let your website suck!



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Hello! Welcome to WebTrusive. I started this gig because I wanted to help people market their passion. Website design is a simple but yet complicated task and it requires a lot of detail and attention. Time is very important to my clients and a lot of them have their time tied up into operating a business or growing their market. That is where I come in. I graduated Liberty University with B.S. in Marketing. My passion has always been the aesthetic side of marketing. I believe a successful product should look pretty first and then focus on the lead generation process. Hopefully, you find what I post interesting and beneficial as I look to be a partner in your success. Thank you, Chris


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