What is Yoast?

What is Yoast and why does it matter? Well, I am glad you asked. Yoast is a search engine optimization (SEO) plugin tool that can help build traffic to your website. By now, you probably know what plugins are for your WordPress website, but if not then you probably should take a refresher before reading this article. SEO is what drives your website in search consoles such as Google or Bing and Yoast is the driving force behind it.

How Does Yoast Drive Traffic?

Traffic is driven by data put into the Yoast plugin. Yoast can connect your website to Google, Bing, and other search engines. First, you want to start with a key phrase. Make sure you do your research before choosing one.

After picking a key phrase, the snippet will be the next thing seen. This is where you have to be very attentive to what you input. Try keeping everything cohesive and coherent. For instance, a dealership selling nothing but foreign European cars may want to choose a key phrase like “European Cars in Charlotte NC.” Then start your meta description of with the key phrase like this – “Are you looking for European cars in Charlotte, NC?”

SEO Analysis

Yoast provides a robust analysis algorithm. The first part of this takes a look at your SEO portion. If your keywords are lacking or overbearing, Yoast will let you know. Maybe you don’t have enough data. Well, Yoast will let you know that too. Be very intentional with what you put in there, but also be concise.


The content on the page is just as important as the plugin. Tie the two together, because that will give you the best result. Think of SEO and website page content as interchangeable. A car dealership selling European cars probably will have content relevant of their services on their page. However, an about page shouldn’t have too much to do with products. And a product page shouldn’t go into detail about the history of the company.


This day and age it’s important how your media is shared. Yoast allows users to modify how their website information displays on ‘live view’. Live view is how your page displays on social media and sms. When you share a page via Facebook, it displays a preview of your page for others to see. You can modify what people will see down to the meta description and image preview.


Trying to build traffic on a website has many components. Yoast is a great starting point. I advise to start with an SEO plan before jumping into building a website. Think of SEO as the foundation and the design as a compliment to that foundation. They both work together. This is why I stress to my clients that they be very intentional with what they want their website message to be. Once I have an idea and some material, I can start the design. Yoast is a great tool to start with and fairly simple to use, but hard to master. I help my clients by going above and beyond. Most web design companies give you the basic web site. I give you foundation.


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