Is Blogging Still Relevant?

Is Blogging still relevant? This is a common question, especially for entrepreneurs trying to build their reputation through search engine optimization (SEO). All businesses can benefit from blogging and it will will build reliability and relevance with Google. Now that you know it is important, maybe you are wondering how to start or what to post. And maybe you are wondering if you should hire someone to write for you. All of these are valid questions and concerns, but every case is different and you should probably look at your situation.

Blogging for WordPress

All Blogs Are Not Created Equal

If you have a specialty within your business, I would discourage hiring a third party to write for you. No one knows your business like you do; So, why would you trust them to write relevant material? For example, hiring a blogger to write about hearing aids without them knowing much about your industry is ludicrous. There are all kinds of different hearing aids and I am sure some cost more than others for various reasons. Maybe some come with Bluetooth or some have longer life to them. There are a lot of underlying factors in most industries that a third party might miss out on. Just be careful when considering to let someone write for you. 

Hiring Bloggers for Your Website

Does Blogging Drive Visitors to My Website

Have you ever typed in a phrase or question in Google and then Google decided to answer your question with an article? That’s exactly what blogging can do for your company or website. If you write good material and you answer underlying questions, Google will present or rank your answers on their search engine. This is why it is very important to pick a topic and stick with it. Maybe choose 1 – 2 keywords and write about that. Being inconsistent in topics will make search engines think your article is not worth your visitor’s reading. Start with 2 questions you think people may ask and then build your blog around answering those questions. In return, Google (or Bing) will bring visitors to your article. 


So Now That You Know Blogging IS Relevant – What Next

The answer is simple here, BLOG away! How many times should you blog? The minimum should be around 2 times a month, but preferably once a week. Blogging is essential to ranking well and those who choose not to blog, may find themselves behind their competition. Build a strong list of topics your website should be able to resolve for readers and write for them. You know who your prospective customers are, try to answer questions they may have. Not every situation is the same; So, it is important to follow a working model that will help you strive.

In Conclusion

These are things to work on in list form – 

  1. Know that blogging is important for your website traffic
  2. Plan ahead and think of keywords or questions your readers may have
  3. Form material around answering those questions
  4. Don’t forget you are the expert (aka don’t outsource your expertise)
  5. Keep a schedule for blogging and keep it relevant
  6. Monitor your success and plan your future blogging around it 
  7. Have fun with it!

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